Escobar Singapore

IT’S THE MOST TALKED ABOUT BISTRO IN SG! Located at 20 Cross St, China Square Central is this very spacious and welcoming bistro with controversial wall art that’s sure to help you strike a conversation with anyone you came with, especially if you are looking for a topic to break the ice.


Hotel 99 Cubao

It is a budget hotel that’s rated 3.4 stars by Google reviews. There are 2 other branches as well. Now here’s what cracked me up, their motto. Which is, “Dare to compare!”. Which with due respect I am going to do just that. It rang a bell for me when Thachna told me the hotel name. The only other hotel I could compare it to was our very own budget hotel, Hotel 81.

Reggae On The River – Melaka

Reggae on the River is THE place to go when you are in Melaka. It is a laid back and warm. Like the usual they has bar food and good happy hour pricing. Thachna and myself wanted to walk out and have a drink but all the bars along the river was closing already since it was close to 1am. It was then we met the EXTREMELY friendly and hospitable, Wei. Almost felt like he was just a customer rather than a staff.

Al Capone’s Ristorante & Bar

Located at Scape is this cosy and tiny bar with 2 or 3 tables indoors. The outdoor sitting is larger and accomodates alot more people. In terms of convenience, it is at a great location. Clearly they know their targets, the youths! We don’t quite understand what’s with the slogan, ‘For the Boss’ though. If anyone gets it comment below.


We enjoyed the food and would definitely visit again though we spent close to $40 for briyanis and a cup of tea. We found that rather pricey for 2 pax and not like the presentation of the meal was fantastic but decent. It would be good if they could revise the pricing and also put in a little effort in meal presentation. It’s a definitely a good place for a quick-lunch or dinner but don’t expect anything fancy.

Avillion Legacy Melaka

Yeap! We hate to do it but it’s a review and we got to be nothing but brutally honest with you. The exciting part to our review is the paranomal activity in the room. Thus, you might want to read on for that spine chilling experience.