Avillion Legacy Melaka


We had plan our first ever road trip to on 23 October 2016 for 2 nights so Thachna had booked our accomodation at Avillion Legacy Melaka for a superior room with a king sized bed. Avillion Legacy Melaka is a 228-room city hotel situated in the town of Melaka which was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. He had previously stayed at the 3.5 star hotel and here is what he had to say about it:

 ”Well back then the rating was much higher. The service catered to international tourists..the breakfast buffet was amazing. Service was excellent .. there was no such thing as something isn’t working or broken in the room. 5 stars easily.”

Once we reached the hotel after a 4.5 hour drive from Singapore, we were greeted by a magificient building, a glorious lobby with beautiful coloured glass ceiling. I think the lobby could fit hundreds of people. Sounds prestigious enough? Sure felt like a steal for the amount we were paying!


So we went to the front desk and was welcomed with a warm smile. We got our room key along with the wifi password in a snap. Check-in was a breeze.

Superior room Expedia

So this is the part where everything goes downhill. Yeap! We hate to do it but it’s a review and we got to be nothing but brutally honest with you. The exciting part to our review is the paranomal activity in the room. Thus, you might want to leave a comment if you want to know about that spine chilling experience. Since this is mainly for a review.

First, let’s cover the cost of the room which was RM160 per night. Honestly, it was nothing like the picture above. Really, nothing. The hotel hadn’t maintain it’s image from the inside. The bed was comfortable with clean sheets and the bathroom had a tub that wouldn’t really soak myself into. On the surface it looked fairly clean but it wasn’t hygienically clean. We switched on the TV and was surprised that there wasn’t sufficient channels to chose from. That didn’t really bother us during our stay as we had music playing in the background as we had some drinks and chatted till the wee hours.

There were two major issues that we were very disappointed about. One being the Wifi and the other being the safe box. Both were beyond help. We called room service and they responded promptly but even he couldn’t sort it out or give us an option to change the room. We managed somehow with the inconsistent Wifi and brought our belongings along when we were out.  Also there were lamps that we could not switch off so Thachna had to literally remove the bulb before we went to sleep. Poor guy could have been electricuted!

The first night was all good and peaceful until the second night. There was paranormal activity in the room. Blogging about this gives me the goosebumps even now as I recollect what had happened. One thing is for sure though, I am NOT returning ever.

We got up early before checking out to grab breakfast. Something Thachna and myself were looking forward to. We wanted breakfast to offset whatever had happened the night before but unfortunately breakfast was just as horrific or I could say…horrible. There were three different people cooking eggs in three different ways and one of them got scrambled egg all wrong. This was just very sad as its a hotel and there are guests from all over the world and the standard of breakfast was really bad. The hotdogs tasted raw and I actually think they had expired. The only thing I had was milk to fill my stomach. Thachna was really disappointed and shocked that the standard had drop more than a notch low.

Checking out was a breeze like checking in. Though we did ask for assistance about the Wifi connection again since we weren’t in the room but at the lobby and we were told it was the strongest at the lobby but yeah I think you could guess.. It didn’t work too.

We missed out the one thing that I really look forward to at any hotel stay, the pool. We did not get the chance to swim or even see the pool. However, you could check out the reviews on their facebook page as well.

In conclusion, we wouldn’t recommend this hotel to the faint hearted, the foodie or someone who is diagnosed with OCD.

To sum it up this is how we would rate  Avillion Legacy Melaka.

(5 stars being excellent and 1 star being extremely poor).

Ambience **

Service ***

Food *

Price ****

Additional Info :

Avillion Legacy Melaka

No 146 Jalan HangTuah, Melaka, 75300, Malaysia

Tel: +60 6-281 6868


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