We went to Sakunthala Food Palace located at Race Course Road in January 2017 because we were craving for some mouth-watering briyani. The ambience was not cosy. It was just tables, chairs, bright lights and no fancy decoration welcoming us. Given that it is situated along the stretch of cosy fine dining, we must say we were expecting a little more in interior and exterior decoration. It still had a clean and professional outlook though but hey! why not we just go in and see if the biryani could offset that right?

We were greeted by a waiter and strategically (gets those walking pass to think that the restaurant is filled with customers) placed by a window seat inside at a corner since there wasn’t a crowd. However, there were a fair amount  of customers for the early weekday evening.

Pictures of Sakunthala Food Palace @ Racecourse

We were impressed with the menu as they not only served authentic south and north indian cuisine but also other cuisines such as chinese and fusion. That’s great for our diverse interracial population and also the adventurous tourists that are looking for surprises with the  menu. From salads, breads, desserts, noodles and rice. There’s even something for our fellow vegetarians plus it’s halal too.

Thachna ordered the mutton dum briyani and I got myself the chicken dum briyani. While waiting for our order we were given papadums which we finished by the time our meals arrived. I would say we waited for about 10 mins. Both our meals came with a small portion of cooling raita and curryAs soon as it arrived we started digging in. I must say our servers were extremely friendly and warm.

My chicken dum briyani was a healthy portion. The briyani rice was mildly spicy, not too oily and served hot. Like the traditional briyanis, I was given a fairly big piece of chicken. My only disappointment was that it was the breast meat that I got, as I am a huge fan of chicken thighs. Other than that, it was very tender and tasty. I indulged every mouthful of it.  Thachna’s mutton dum briyani on the other hand was tender and spicy too. There was a fair amount of mutton pieces for one and thankfully they were not fatty.

We enjoyed the food and would definitely visit again though we spent close to $40 for briyanis and a cup of tea. We found that rather pricey for 2 pax and not like the presentation of the meal was fantastic but decent. It would be good if they could revise the pricing and also put in a little effort in meal presentation. It’s a definitely a good place for a quick-lunch or dinner but don’t expect anything fancy.

To sum it up this is how we would rate Sakunthala Food Palace @ Racecourse Road.

(5 stars being excellent and 1 star being extremely poor).

Ambience **

Service ****

Food Presentation **

Mutton Briyani ****

Chicken Briyani ****

Price **

Additional Info :

Sakunthala Food Palace

66, Race Course Road
Singapore 218570

Opening Hours:
11am – 10.30pm (daily)

Tel: 6293-6649
Fax: 6293 4357



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