Al Capone’s Ristorante & Bar


We went to Al Capone’s for a great beer promotion on 13 December 2016. Thachna aka Daiso, usually paints at somerset’s skate park on weekend afternoons and I would pop by to encourage him. By the time we are done it is almost 5pm and a few chilled bottled beers would be a great idea to quench that thirst. So there had been word amongst our friends about Al Capone’s beer promotion. 3 bottles of Heineken going for $13 seemed more than decent and we were up for it. It’s cheap and we could do with a little exploration.

Located at Scape is this cosy and tiny bar with 2 or 3 tables indoors. The outdoor sitting is larger and accomodates alot more people. In terms of convenience, it is at a great location. Clearly they know their targets, the youths! We don’t quite understand what’s with the slogan, ‘For the Boss‘ though. If anyone gets it comment below.

We sat indoors as it was much cooler. They were just opening when we entered so we were attended to almost immediately. The server that attended to us was informative but had a tint of sarcasm, though nothing seriously offending though. Other then that we didn’t need to wait long for our drinks to be served. For the first round though we didnt get a bucket to keep our beers chilled.


On ordering a second bucket we were told about their bottle promotions which were dirt cheap. However, we settled for beers. After a couple of joyous rounds, we had familiar faces bumping into us there so we continued to drink up with all but this time in the outdoors.

As it had started to drizzle we were forced to go in for shelter but because there wasn’t much space under the sheltered area or inside, we had to squeeze at the table we started off initially. The major downside was that, in situations such as this Al Capone’s is poorly sheltered. You would think that stopped everyone from having fun. Surprisingly, no! We knew the reason was, well of course, alcohol.

We didn’t order food or bottled spirits, so we can’t comment on that. We also missed out on the live band. Maybe the next time we head there we might try those out. All in all, Al Capone’s is a good hang out if you are looking for a bar after skate park, a movie at cineleisure or if you just around the area.

FYI, you could be surprised with the late evening crowd as most of them were our local indians, both young and old. It can get extremely crowded and noisy. Our review as a consumer here is solely for the beers. That’s our only concern at a bar actually.

To sum it up this is how we would rate  Al Capone’s Ristorante & Bar.

(5 stars being excellent and 1 star being extremely poor).

Ambience **

Service **

Price ****

Additional Info :

Al Capone’s Ristorante & Bar

Singapore 237978

Opening Hours:
5:30pm – 3am (daily)

Tel: 6509-5097



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