Hotel 99 Cubao


This was our very first time taking a flight and going overseas. Usually it’s a road trip. We flew down to Philipines, Manila on 20 April 2017 for 3 nights and 4 days. Thachna had booked our accomodation at Hotel 99, Cubao for a deluxe room with a queen sized bed. Hotel 99, Cubao is located pretty near to Metro Manila. It is a budget hotel that’s rated 3.4 stars by Google reviews. There are 2 other branches as well. Now here’s what cracked me up, their motto. Which is, “Dare to compare!”. Which with due respect I am going to do just that. It rang a bell for me when Thachna told me the hotel name. The only other hotel I could compare it to was our very own budget hotel, Hotel 81.


We reached the hotel at about 12:30pm. What surrounded the hotel was a KTV cum Billard joint and just across it was a 7-11 store. Our hotel surrounding was super ghetto and unsafe. The lobby was narrow and small. The funny thing was that, there was a TV (as seen in the pic below) but the seats were facing its back at it. How in the world can anyone watch the TV like that? Hmm..

Hourly rates and their meal menus were stated clearly in frame on the reception counter. There was about 3 receptionists, a bellman and a security guard. There were a few couples behaving weirdly covering their faces and one even walked sideways facing the wall which was away from the reception. Well, she paid and he didn’t. Yeah so we kinda confirmed that it was transit hotel. DODGY! DODGY!


We did take sometime to check-in as our payment did not show in their system but lucky for us, Thachna brought the receipt of payment for our stay. We got our key card and were allocated a room. We had to choose our complimentary breakfasts at the reception for the next 3 days. Not much of an option though. I realised that there was rice in every meal and wasn’t really a rice kinda person in the morning but since it was complimentary I thought why not.

We took our bags to our room. I was just ready to drop them off and head out to grab a much needed can of beer. So we opened our door and saw our room. It was compact as seen in the picture below. I couldn’t help but notice that the night light was a red lamp. Now that’s very “thoughtful”. I know its a transit hotel but WHY?! No.. why?? The whole room looked spooky.


The room had no windows so their was no ventilation or need for curtains. There was no kettle, coffee/tea sachets, cups or even water in the room. There was also just one power point. We didn’t have a toilet seat. The toilet bowl is so big that both of us could take a dump together. Metaphorically speaking.

So what did we have? Well, we had a small aircon, a TV, a dressing table and a table with two chairs at a corner.  Thank God there was a heater, a pair of clean towels and a bar soap. Which is only sufficient for 2 showers and then we have to ask for more.

Oh! and we had a a channel that shows nothing but pornography 24/7.


We went opposite after chucking our bags and left for the 7-11 just across. Was about 1:30am. I went straight for the beer fridge and I hear a female voice behind me say, ” Alcohol ban!”. I’m like.. Whattttt??!?!!.. DON’T DO THIS TO ME! Not in Philippines please. Singapore has ‘The Rule’ but c’mon Cubao.. Why you gotta do me like thatttttt?!?!!

We left with disappointment. Just got 2 bottles of mineral water and went up to our room.

Breakfast was not to our liking. We ate out most of the time at fast food restuarants. I wouldn’t recommend their food as it was served cold, tasteless and wasn’t appetizing at all. Poor Thachna suffered when it came to food as he doesn’t actually explore. He also doesn’t eat certain food. We only had the coffee. The food came automatically the first morning and after that we had to call the reception to remind them about our breakfast.

We couldn’t deal the no toilet seat room so we asked for a change of room the 2nd day. We were given a room just like the previous but this this it had a computer and a toilet seat. The computer is redundant as it doesn’t even work.

However, we did sleep well and also over slept once because we had no idea if the sun was up. We didn’t have windows in this room too.

Whenever we left the hotel to head out we were given a returning chit which we had to show the security guard when we came back so that we are allowed in. The thing is sometimes he isn’t even there. The security is pretty poor.

Checking out was a breeze.

In conclusion, we would recommend this hotel to those who just need a room to sleep, rest and go. Have your breakfast out unless you are adventurous. Lastly, Hotel 81 beats Hotel 99, hands down!

To sum it up this is how we would rate  Hotel 99 Cubao.

(5 stars being excellent and 1 star being extremely poor).

Ambience *

Service **

Food *

Price ****

Additional Info :

Hotel 99 Cubao

Cubao Branch
– Pinatubo Street Corner Matulin Street. Near Aurora blvd and EDSA. ( in front of Farmers Plaza)

Tel: 705-1325


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