Reggae On The River – Melaka




Reggae on the River is THE place to go when you are in Melaka. It is a laid back and warm. Like the usual they has bar food and good happy hour pricing. Thachna and myself wanted to walk out and have a drink but all the  bars along the river was closing already since it was close to 1am. It was then we met the EXTREMELY friendly and hospitable, Wei. Almost felt like he was just a customer rather than a staff.

The happy hour promotion was already over and we were quite sad that we came late but Wei still got us a table and offered us the happy price for 2 bottles of beer. It is cheap even if we weren’t given the happy hour price but hey! We like to bargain when we can. We eventually got 2 buckets of 5 beers each. Not too shabby.


Located along the Melaka River it is difficult to not notice the bar. Loud reggae numbers fill the atmosphere and everyone is chatting with random people. Songs by Bob Marley and all the other Marleys. I have to say the crowd is so friendly you get the vibe that you are just chilling by boat quay with some close friends. Melaka River is just like Boat Quay but just more colonial with a beautiful Church thats just across the river from the bar. The funny thing is that there isn’t any indoor sitting. Everyone sits outside where there are tables and chairs placed by the river.

Happy Hour Menu

You get alot of tourists there as there are alot of backpacker hostels and small hotels around. After the bar closed we were invited by some of them to walk into the next lane where there were a few guys with their guitars and singing away to quite a crowd. We joined in for a song or two and called it a night. One thing to take note, they only except CASH. So you can leave your cards behind.

By the river

Oh yeah and we were there the following night as well. Drunkards!

To sum it up this is how we would rate  Reggae On The River.

(5 stars being excellent and 1 star being extremely poor).

Ambience *****

Service *****

Price ****

Additional Info :

Reggae On The River

Reggae On The River is located in Malacca, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, along the Melaka Riverside since 2009.

5:30pm – 2am (daily)

8:30pm – 2am (Wednesdays)

Tel: +60 12-218 7532


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