Escobar Singapore


IT’S THE MOST TALKED ABOUT BISTRO IN SINGAPORE! With that being said, let me tell you something from my  decade of experience in the marketing and advertising industry and also from running businesses. Good publicity or bad publicity, publicity is STILL publicity. If it gets the attention of a whole country than you have a weapon. You just need to know how to use it to your advantage! Okay, so moving on, let’s make this clear. This is my review of the bar NOT my personal views on whether I advocate the bistro’s name or anything relating to the infamous drug lord himself.

The bistro is definitely a hot spot for those looking for a new bar to patronize, the working crowd and also the media. I had planned to pop by the bistro and see what’s it got to offer along with a friend. Thachna couldn’t join me, sadly!  So it was a wednesday and  free flow of whiskey or vodka for the ladies till about 10pm. For gentlemen they didn’t lose out. It was only $2 for an hour of free flow with a purchase or any of their mains. So my friend got a side which she paid $7 for. Reasonably cheap!

Located at 20 Cross St, China Square Central is this very spacious and welcoming bistro with controversial wall art that’s sure to help you strike a conversation with anyone you came with, especially if you are looking for a topic to break the ice. The outdoor sitting is cosy and I must say the barrels for tables gave character. Great location! It’s super easy to find. Look out for the huge moon like balloon outside the bar with Escobar’s face on it. You can’t miss it even if you tried to.

They were warmed up and ready for the crowd when we entered so we were attended to almost immediately and allocated a tall stool table outside catering to our preference. The servers that attended to us were kind.

Source: Escobar Singapore (Facebook)

Soon enough the well renowned resident DJ Titus got onto spinning some good old tracks. I mean REALLY good music from then and now. The bistro has a duo, namely, The Patrons Duet playing live music for those who love live bands from 7pm onwards on Mondays. Tunes from the hardly played Santana to overly played Despacito they’ve got some good latin beats. Check out their small video snippets on the bar’s facebook page. Links will be furnished below.

Despite the name of the bistro, the management does not condone, carry or even distribute drugs, if that’s one of the main concerns the coloumbian community here has. Infact, the bistro has been socially responsible by not only putting up posters like those seen below but also making a stand on social media supporting a drug free Singapore. It’s the effort and message that we need to acknowledge.

If you can’t name a bar Escobar then you can’t have Narcos on Netflix. There are bigger issues in the world that could use this attention that people give.

drug free
Source: Escobar Singapore (Facebook)

I am yet to indulge in the food and listen to the band. The bistro has extended it’s hours to 11:30pm so that’s good news. I’ll try to head down again and give a fresh review.  All in all, Escobar is a good place if you are looking for a great place that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Here’s a quick glance at the prices:

Premium bottles @ $88nett.

Beer pints @ $8nett. (How does craft beer for $3 sound during the lunch hour?) 🙂

Bucket beers(6) @ $25nett.

Wine bottles @ $35nett.

The only downside so far will be that they don’t have a toilet so you have to go to one that’s right across. No biggie, just saying. Since it’s still new be sure to check out their facebook page for the latest the bistro has to offer.

To sum it up this is how we would rate  Escobar Singapore.

(5 stars being excellent and 1 star being extremely poor).

Ambience ****

Service ****

Price ****

Additional Info :

Escobar Singapore

20 Cross Street #01-23/24, China Square Central
Singapore 048422

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 11pm

Friday: 11am – 1am

Saturday: 4pm – 1am

Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

Tel: 9829 0143


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