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Daiso AKA Thachna and Sarah are both Singaporeans. They got acquainted a couple of years ago through a mutual friend. Never in their wildest imagination did they think they would actually start dating despite their similar interests. Eventually, after hanging out a couple of times they realized they were in love. What brought them together wasn’t a surprise. They shared obsessions over art, music from the early 70s till  90s, movies, dancing and need we say the obvious which resulted in this blog? Their love for Briyani, Beer and Bed…

Yes! Beds. Basically accommodation during their travels. – Keep that mind clean will you?


Daiso AKA Thachna : The Artist, The Teacher’s Aide & YouTuber, 15 July 1987

Thachna is an aspiring street artist but has a full-time job as a teacher’s aide in a local high school. Hence, the street name Daiso. His interests in arts started when he was studying in Australia, Melbourne. There’s just so much street art and graffiti to see around the alleys. That he spent most of his time just wandering around these dirty alleys which had little gems in them. Meeting other street artists, learning new techniques over time. He eventually moved to Singapore in 2014. During that period he transitioned from street art to graffiti and learnt from both the local Singaporean writers as well as his mentor from Melbourne. Aside from art, his day job revolves around working with teenagers with discipline issues. He basically enforces schools rules and aides the school’s Discipline Master in his duties. A job which monetarily isn’t satisfying, but helps him with feeling fulfilled when he has helped a student with their issues.

Sarah Devi Das : The Model, Entrepreneur & YouTuber, 24 June 1987

Sarah is a professional model, an entrepreneur running two businesses. One being an immigration consultancy and the other an online boutique. Not forgetting  a fiercely upcoming YouTuber. She is very much into modelling as she aims to inspire other dark-skinned women to be confident and proud of themselves. She still believes that there is more to learn and experiment when it come to her passion, modelling. When she is alone she takes out her sketch book and starts sketching or her favourite pastime would be to read a book with a cuppa latte (The couple are huge coffee addicts btw!). Being a public figure, people think that she is pretty expensive in taste but truth be told class can also be found in simple living. Which brings us to her YouTubing.  Her channel mainly focuses on lifestyle, DIYs and fashion.

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